Since she discovered it in 2013, María José has focused on promoting and raising awareness of Collaborative Law both in the Basque Country and abroad, by founding ADCE, organizing workshops and participating in congresses.

EHC - ZUTANI Tolosa (english version)

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Appearance of the ADCE in the Basque Parliament on November 20, 2017 in Vitoria Gasteiz (Basque Country -Spain)

Colloque AFPDC 2015

Conscious Contracts Elkarsana Coworking Healthcare

Miren Arantzazu Aranzabal, Doctor-Dentist in Vitoria, shares in the Conscious Contracts Congress held in November 2018 in Villa Suso, her experience in the application of conscious contracts in a process of creating a coworking space in the healthcare field ( Elkarsana).

Testimonies about Fernando Buesa Blanco - XX In Memoriam

Six people who were very close to Fernando Buesa, because they were friends, relatives or because they had worked with him, talk about  how they experienced his murder and reflect on how they see society 20 years after that February 22, 2000.

Participants: Inmaculada Sánchez, Isabel Morcillo, María José Anitua, Jose Ignacio Besga, Juan Ramón Guevara y Fernando Lajo.

ADCE Conscious Contracts Congress 2018 2nd Day

Video summary of the second day of the Congress on Conscious Contracts of the Association for Collaborative Law of the Basque Country, held at the Villa Suso Palace in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

The change in organizations

Eugenio Moliní speaking at the IV ADCE Congress on change in organizations.

Design Thinking And Collaborative Contracts

 Vision, Mission and Values of Collaborative Law of the Basque Country.