Testimony of the first Ukrainian refugees hosted

“I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs. Maria José. My son and I received a roof over our heads and support. The team of the Arteale association took care of us at every step and in every need. We are very ashamed of the way we have been treated, even in the smallest


Ukraine donations

The Arteale Foundation is currently working for the reception of Ukrainian refugee families and would be grateful for any kind of donation according to the instructions in the attached document. Collaborative Sponsorship Download



There are more than 31 million empty houses in the EU which are an opportunity to give them away in line with the philosophy of the Empty Homes Collaborative Project. Download Empty Homes As An Opportunity Download


Empty houses Ukraine War refugees

    Presentation of the Pilot Project Empty Homes Collaborative Background: Empty homes as an opportunity. Maria Jose Anitua, S.L. as a social company specialised in legal advice in the real estate sector (taxation and contracts for more than 40 years), sees empty homes as an opportunity, after specialising for 10 years in collaborative law,


Inclusive workshop on Easy Reading and the game The Value of Values

Good morning everyone, We would like to invite you to participate in the “Easy Reading Workshop and the game The Value of Values”, which will begin on 02/11. This activity, subsidised by the Obra Social la Caixa, will take place on Tuesdays from 18.00 to 19.00 in the Library of the Casa de Cultura Ignacio

empty homes

FIDE: Incentives (Taxes) for the use of Empty Housing

Working Group Incentives (Taxes) for the use of Empty Housing Analysis of legal, social and environmental issues Link to the News: Working Group: Tax Incentives for the use of Empty Housing – Fundacion Fide (


The Basque Parliament supports Collaborative Law

On June 6, 2014, the Basque Parliament unanimously approved a motion presented by Carmelo Barrio Baroja, parliamentarian of the Basque Popular group, in support of the collaborative practice: “The transactional amendment signed by the EA-NV, SV-ES and PV-ETP groups was approved: The Basque Parliament urges the Basque Government to consolidate the intrajudicial mediation procedures implemented

Maria José Anitua

“Here it is very difficult to find rental housing”

Interview and confidential testimony of the first experience of the conscious rental process with a Latino family. Description of your relationship with the owner of the home, María José Anitua. “Here it is very difficult to find rental housing” (PDF)


Fide: Reflections of Civil Society

In this new installment of Fide: Reflections of Civil Society (PDF of 15 pages) different perspectives of the situation we are experiencing, different concerns or lessons learned are combined. Although the time we have been confined in Spain is similar in different cities and towns, we and the pandemic have evolved differently. Although in Europe

Nerea Melgosa

“Personal involvement is one of the keys to success”

How the pilot project Conscious rentals for refugees began: interview to Nerea Melgosa, Councilor of the Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council at the time of the interview. Interview with Nerea Melgosa (PDF)