Social Capital


Connect With Others, Build Trust, Get Involved.

Social capital is a resource that is accessed when you have extensive personal networks with which you actively participate in the different economic and social areas, in an environment of trust and reciprocity and that facilitates collaboration and encourages personal and social development, as well as the economic development of a society.

“Quitting smoking or joining a club, It’s a tough call which would improve your life expectancy more” (The Saguaro Seminar)

Testimonials About Alicia Ruiz de Infante

Testimonies in memory of Alicia Ruiz de Infante, collaborative lawyer and co-founder of the Arteale foundation.

Impact Testimonials

Testimonies of the ADCE (Association of Collaborative Law of the Basque Country) about its founder Mariajosé Anitua Trevijano due to her resignation as president.

Systemic Collaborative Model