• Fairness  problem solving, based on agreements created in the future taking into account the interests at stake. From equity in the way of making decisions. Generating solutions integrating the needs of all the people in an inclusive way. Ex Housing Justice

  • Integrity, understood as honesty, coherence and leading by example of what is done, generating trust, in the search for continuous improvement, avoiding excessive rigor and perfectionism. From loyalty to the idea, the project, the team and the values.E.x. The pilot project developed in Vitoria is a clear example. The first home was of its president. The rent paid has been 50% of the market value.

  • Compassion: understood as suffering with. Based on empathy, as the ability to put oneself in the place of the other and understand why they act like that. Compassion in the sense of Eastern culture, which is not moved by desires or fear, but rather transmits peace. To collaborate is to love. E.x. How to meet the needs of refugees.

  • Innovation, taking collaboration to the legal world, due to the need to provide new solutions that are adjusted to social needs. From the improvement in communication in a transparent way, which enhances teamwork, where the difference adds up exponentially. Key in the prevention and management of conflicts. It allows to give more complete and creative solutions. We want to obtain different results, seeking the connection with the context and cultural reality. E.x. Incorporate the gamification of the value of values into the process in a different way than before.

  • Simplification, due to the need to seek efficiency and simplicity, so that this innovative process is incorporated as an effective way to reach agreements in a scalable way, both in rental and in collaboration agreements. From planning and the ability to adapt to new needs, with flexibility and pragmatism.