Social transformation towards greater and better pacification
Enhancing the capacities of organisations and individuals
Promoting an economy based on values and serving society
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Inherent in ArTeale’s name is the TEAL paradigm of a flexible and self-sustaining organisation, non-hierarchical, based on listening, interactive, flowing and adaptable to change. In this light, ArTeale is a social entity with the following purposes:

Social transformation towards improved (greater) peacemaking, from the certainty that a poorly managed conflict generates distress, whereas a well-managed conflict can be highly creative and positive.

ArTeale aims to achieve the best peacemaking by developing pilot projects with other organisations and/or individuals.

Enhancing new personal capabilities and individual and professional growth through specific pilot projects, whilst encouraging cooperation and sustainable development.

Promoting an economic system based on values by involving companies and institutions in the collective commitment to sustainable human development and social peace. The aim is to bring together all companies that commit to an economy in the service of society, to encourage and involve businesses and institutions in the collective commitment to sustainable human development and social peace, and to bring together all those companies that support and share ArTeale’s values.


Some of our collaborations with the entities involved in this project are briefly detailed below:

Kim Wright, a world pioneer in conscious contracts, has been involved from the beginning of the project, providing training and connections with collaborative professionals around the world.

The “la Caixa” foundation has made a contribution to Artealen Lagunak for the development of the Collaborative Plan Renove at the end of 2020. In addition, it  has collaborated with Arteale since 2018.


The Alava Provincial Council has recognized the activity of the Arteale Foundation as being of priority interest.

Babespean collaborates closely in the Conscious Coexistence pilot by giving the training courses in end-of-life care for the project’s refugees. Its president is one of the owners who have participated in the pilot.

We have collaborated with this initiative that emerged as a result of Covid19 to raise funds for the purchase of health and protection equipment. We are currently exploring collaborations for other projects.

We have an agreement to offer the refugees of the project significant discounts on their back school services that are very beneficial to treat stress for people who have gone through and are going through such difficult situations, in an inclusive way.

We collaborate on issues related to culture and emptied Spain.

Social innovation consulting that is helping us to measure the impact of the pilot project and develop the business model.


Mónica Miguel, certified professional coach in “Coaching by Values” who has helped us to better understand their methodology and participates in many of the conscious rental processes.

International Center for Development in Values with whom we collaborate and who has developed the game “The Value of Values”, a very useful tool that we use during conscious contract processes. They collaborate with the “The Value of Values processes”.


The project starts from the proposal of Nerea Melgosa, councillor of the city council at the time of the interview in the following link:


Strategic alliances (SDG 17).

Collaboration for the training of collaborative professionals and expansion of the project internationally.

We also explore collaboration for the development of comic contracts for conscious rental processes.


They have collaborated with funds for the dissemination in schools of the pilot “Empty Homes for the Homeless”


Training, national and international expansion and strategic alliances.

It has collaborated by providing pro-bono legal advice in consultations related to public law in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country.

Its volunteers have also attended meetings held in the framework of processes aimed at the conscious rental for refugees.


Association of Families of Students with SEN of Alava.



Advice and dissemination of our project through their blog.

Collaboration with Gema Varona, permanent research doctor at the Basque Institute of Criminology (UPV/EHU) and President of the Basque Society of Victimology.

Lehendakaritza. General Secretariat for Social Transition and 2030 agenda. It values the pilot project positively and is willing to explore collaboration formulas.

The Amárica dental clinic collaborates with the pilot project “Empty Homes Collaborative” providing care to the project’s tenants in a free and inclusive way.

In addition, Arantza is the president of the voluntary association Artealen Lagunak and has achieved a large number of bicycle donations for the new Collaborative Plan Renove

Collaboration in the design of the Business Model and the definition of the project.

Strategic consultancy that collaborates by advising us on the project.