Refuge and Migration

Refuge and Migration

Our pilot Casas Sin Gente Colaborativas has focused, since 2018 in Vitoria-Gasteiz, on facilitating access to housing and inclusion in society for refugees and migrants by listening to and building trust with owners of empty homes. We are currently working towards the expansion of this model internationally.

End Of Life Care

Course on end-of-life support/palliative care, given by the Babespean association with the objective to obtain a general and introductory vision of how to face the end of life phase in the home and residential environment in a comprehensive way, addressing physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

Video Summary of the training given in January 2021.

Complete video of the training given by Babespean.

Conscious Contracts For Refugees

Miren Leicega, Collaborative Lawyer and Responsible for ACCEM Vitoria, shares in the Conscious Contract Congress held in November 2018 in Villa Suso, her experience in the application of conscious contracts in a rental process for refugees.

Arteale, Horizons

Co-design workshop of the Arteale Foundation horizon, by people from different fields and perspectives, applying collaborative law and other legal innovations for the social inclusion of vulnerable people, through the development of pilot projects for social transformation.

Conscious Rental Contracts for refugees

The experience of receiving a home as a donation is shared in order to start this process, as well as from the perspective of other owners who have rented, the refugee families who have finally found a home, the collaborative professionals who have accompanied the process, for whom it has been a very powerful experience, relying on art and drawings.

The perspective of the councilor of the city council who proposed the idea and sponsored the video is also shared. The objective of the dissemination is to generate confidence in the owners of empty flats, (2,700 in Álava in 2018), allowing refugees to find refuge, find housing.

Video documentary of the first 5 experiences of the pilot project of conscious rental housing for refugee families in the Basque Country.

Video summary of the first 5 experiences of the pilot project of conscious rental housing for refugee families in the Basque Country.

Arteale, Schools

Sharing Experience in the Corazonistas school, the project of conscious rentals, Houses Without People for People Without houses . Refugees and volunteers contribute their testimony, in collaboration with the Vital Foundation

The presentation of the project that took place before the Covid-19 Pandemic began.

After the confinement, in September 2020 the students that won  the drawing competition contributed their testimonies and their vision about the project.