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Artealen Lagunak

Artealen Lagunak

Our Mission

The Arteale Foundation, established in 2017, developed the Pilot proyect  “HOUSES WITHOUT PEOPLE FOR PEOPLE WITHOUT HOUSES” in which with a conscious rental contracts for migrants, it offers owners of empty houses the possibility of having a socially responsible rent based on  trust

The Artealen Lagunak Association was born in 2020 from the need of the Arteale Foundation to carry out an inclusive day-to-day monitoring of  the active rentals in the pilot proyect to promote a win-win relationship between tenant and owner and extend its development.

Our vision

The Association is constituted as a network of people committed to sustainable and collaborative city models.

To do this, we build bridges between migrant tenants and owners, favoring social cohesion and allowing the migrant tenant to be part of the community and the owner to find an effective solution to their empty home.


Our values

How do we do it

  1. Understanding the owner’s needs.

  2. Understanding by “houses without people” not only those that are uninhabited, but also those that are occupied by older people and that need to be co-inhabited.

  3. Comprehensively identifying the needs of homeowner and migrant families to more effectively address their social integration.

  4. Creating through volunteer connectors a network of collaborators (organizations, companies and local groups) so that they may offer opportunities and solutions to the identified needs.

  5. Carrying out a continuous evaluation of the owner-tenant relationship that allows measuring the degree of satisfaction of both parties.

  6. Standardize a “service model” that allows the Arteale Foundation to scale up the model.

Lines of Action

  1. FOLLOW-UP OF THE ARTEALE FOUNDATION’S PEOPLE-FREE HOUSES PROGRAM: We carry out a continuous evaluation of active rentals and identify the needs of tenants and owners to guarantee the success of the relationship. We identify new opportunities.

  2. NETWORK OF CONNECTORS: we encourage and generate collaborations with key people, which represent a turning point to disseminate it, avoiding duplicity and seeking complementarity.

  3. CREATING CARE GROUPS: we connect  families from Álava and migrant families for mutual care, facilitating their integration into the community.

  4. .CONSCIOUS MEETINGS: from the Association we will propose awareness-raising events in schools, universities, business groups, etc. in order to identify new owners and promote a more collaborative citizenship.

For whom

We work directly with:

Tenants: Migrants-refugees

Home Owners: People with social sensitivity to the need for housing and older people in need of care and possibilities of co-housing.


Citizens: companies, associations and local groups, independent professionals, families, schools and universities, etc.